He was healed instantly of hernia that has afflicted him for years. As the servant of God declared by the Spirit of the Lord, the physical growth caused by the affliction in his private region vanished Instantly and the pains and symptoms associated with it, Vanished… Jesus Healed him

The greatest testimony before God is total surrender to the Lord Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour… The heaven rejoice when souls are saved… Jesus Saved them all.

This is a mighty testimony of deliverance, encounter and revival.

Mighty miracle the Lord is doing… This woman came to the crusade ground with severe arthritis associated with pains but as the word of the Lord went, She was instantly and totally healed…. Hear her testimony In her local dialect… Jesus Healed them all.

When the devil comes fighting, always remember that you have Overcome.

The power of God was present to deliver and heal all manner of diseases… even the deaf hear… Watch

Her name is Mrs Mmatim: This elderly woman has suffered from severe pain from her waist region down to her feet that caused her to be bent. She came into the crusade ground with that condition but as the servant of God, Evangelist Godspromise laid hands and prayed for her, the supernatural power of God came upon her and she was totally healed. The pains were gone and she stood straight again for the first time after many years to the Glory of the Lord.

Her name is Joy Okon

During the second night of Ikot Ebom and Ikot Ekwere Miracle and Revival Crusade, the man of God, Evang. Godspromise declared prophetically that the Lord is healing someone of heart palpitations.

Miss Joy Okon came into the crusade ground with heart palpitations and severe pain in the heart region but as the servant of the prophetically declared, instantly the pains seized and all the symptoms associated with the palpitations of her heart was totally gone, Jesus Healed Her… Hallelujah

This brother came into the crusade ground with severe pain in his chest region that have lasted for several months… God’s servant prayed for him and instantly he recieved his healing as all pains and the symptoms associated with it seized… Jesus healed him

Eket Miracle and Revival Crusade

We entered a city where there’s literally no movement at night due to an existing curfew that restricts motorcycles which is the major means of transportation in Eket but because the Lord sent us there, He compelled the people to come out in thousands.

Over 25 documented instant healing was recorded and here is a few:

Mercy Chidebere was instantly healed of severe stomach pain that lasted for one year.

Esther Sam was instantly healed of leg pain that lasted for two years.

Florence Okafo healed instantly of chronic ulcer that last for five years.

Akpan Uduakabasi was healed instantly of deafness in his left ear.

Uyime Monday healed of short sightedness instantly.

Noami Dennis healed of three years pain on the rib.

Favour Abraham was healed of heart palpitation of over one month.

indeed we are in the days of signs and wonders… There is a mighty revival coming that will cover the earth as waters cover the sea

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